Global Vision of the Energy Transition – Presentation by Jostein Dahl Karlsen at Ecopetrol Energy Transition Summit 2023

The world has gone through several transitions the past 100 years from wood/biomass to coal, to petroleum and to natural gas. Energy demand has increased up to 20 times in this time frame, while 2022 marked the highest global emissions of CO2 to date, a reminder an overall transition to an electron based global energy system takes time. While the climate funding gap remains huge, new market designs and policy frameworks are needed to bring about the necessary investments for a just transition. The presentation below addresses selected collaborative early mover dimensions pursued by GOT within the framework of IEA’s Global Innovation Network, which may be key to accelerate large scale roll out of clean energy pending a more comprehensive portfolio of global conserted action put in place to speed up transitional changes.

Download the presentation here


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