About IEA Gas & Oil Technology Collaboration Programme (IEA GOT)

GOT CP (Gas & Oil Technologies Collaboration Program) was established in 2013 by IEA (International Energy Agency) under the IEA Technology Network. The contracting parties are: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, EU Commission, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and the United States.

The Technology Collaboration Programme was created with a belief that the future of energy security and sustainability starts with global collaboration. The programme is made up of thousands of experts across government, academia, and industry dedicated to advancing common research and the application of specific energy technologies.

The value proposition of GOT CP is to explore the role of oil and gas technology in the long term energy future. GOT CP works to combine the efforts of governments, industry and academia encouraging the development of the technology, and addressing the policy and regulatory drivers that allow for its use. Activities are pursued through dedicated projects and global dialogue. The aim is to identify, address and resolve major challenges facing the technology innovation under way using IEA global convening power and thought leadership.

The GOT Operating Agent is a legal entity under Norwegian law serving the role as the secretariat for the GOT Programme, and key responsible body for the implementation of its activities. The Operating Agent is established with registered address and head office in Norway.

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