Greenfield Technologies

Technology is key to ensure that investments in new oil and gas projects can be robust in times of low oil prices, and at the same time ensure a safe, reliable and sustainable energy supply. GOT has against this background a core focus on the role of greenfield technologies in oil and gas supply. Topics of interest to members are importance of technology to enable improvements in relation to cost reduction and efficiency of new projects, social licence to operate as well as technology advances for frontier oil and gas such as within deepwater and arctic exploration and production.

GOT has organized an number of greenfield technology workshops recently in the US Gulf of Mexico region, Brazil and Norway. A major study has been conducted for GOT members by Rystad Energy on the value of addressing global gaps within oil and gas exploration and production. The study addresses the importance of greenfield technology among other things in relation to the above topics mentioned, and provide a holistic analytical reference to the dialogue through workshops.

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