Unconventional Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas production from unvonventional reservoirs such as from shale oil and gas deposits has increased remarkably during the last 1-2 decades, and has become a major development in the global energy scene. GOT is following developments through dedicated workshops. Discussions focuses on the role of technology and best practice to sustain resilience of supply and to reduce the environmental footprint of operations. There is also a growing focus on how production outside the United States such as in Latin America and elsewhere can be developed.

As with other works streams such as within the Brownfield area, enhanced recovery is a key focus in the unconventional oil and gas workstream as is the focus on social licence to operate. There is also a growing interest in understanding how the industry can develop opportunities within unconventional production globally. The Rystad study provides an overview of the prospects internationally and how the various challenges and solutions apply across regions which ties in with the framing of workshops and dialogue between governments and industry.

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