Gas to Market

Natural gas is seen to face long term growth globally, and is different from oil when it comes to the way the hydrocarbons are transported to the market. It is therefore a separate works stream within GOT. The Gas to Market workstream focuses on the importance of technology for providing gas to markets, and involves technologies related to next generation gas supply, such as hydrogen, LNG and other related technologies. Due to the ongoing shifts from coal to gas to enable cleaner air, as well as to enable flexibility and security of supply, natural gas will play a major role in regions such as Asia which has a major unmet demand potential, as well as in other regions as energy integration forge the need for additional flexibility and back-up supply.

GOT has through dedicated workshops explored the role of natural gas in major regions such as the Asia Pacific and United States which through the unconventional natural gas is changing the global energy scene by transitioning from a net importer to a net exporter of natural gas to become the undisputed leading player in oil and gas production. GOT will continue to examine the role of technology in the global gas market and is planning a follow-up workshop on next generation gas in Asia in the 2019-2020 time frame.

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