Brownfield Technologies

The lion share of oil and gas production and CO2 emissions world wide comes from producing oil and gas fields. The need to extend the economic lifetime of producing fields is therefore important. Technology play a key role in enhancing production and for curbing emissions and reducing the environmental footprint of operations. Along with enhancing production from the fields electrification and integration of renewable technology on the installations is a key focus. Existing installations can also be reused for other purposes after shut down of production, such as to become hosts for offshore wind farms.

In connection with the Workshop on the Hydrocarbon-Renewable Nexus in Brussels 11 October GOT is organizing a one-day workshop 12 October on the electrification of brownfields. One aim is to screen cutting edge regional developments such as within the North Sea Rim and to bench mark with activities in other regions. This work is also aimed at providing new insights into key industry projects across the chain of industry capabilities. As with the Greenfield workstream, collaborative work for GOT members is also underpinned with relevant insights from the Rystad Study regarding the closing of key brown field technology gaps.

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