18-BRU The role of the renewable and hydrocarbon nexus in accelerating the energy transition

Preliminary 2-day follow-up workshop



09:00 Opening – Welcome remarks, Jostein Dahl Karlsen, CEO, IEA GOT
09:15 Key-note Introductions – Setting the scene (25 min each)

11:00 Technology and National Trends (30 minutes each)

14:00 Technology and National Trends cont. (30 minutes each)

15:00 Panel Session: The way forward on Nexus & Integrated Energy Systems – What are key takes and next steps?

Day 2

09:00 Opening – Welcome remarks by IEA GOT
09:10 Key-note Introductions – Setting the scene

09:50 Options for System Integration in the North Sea

11:00 Offshore System Integration Showcases (20 minutes each)

12:00 Panel Discussion

12:55 Closing remarks, Jostein Dahl Karlsen, IEA GOT

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